"Over and above the excellent, stepwise training, our sessions were also the kind of environment where I made all kinds of new connections about what and how I might sell in my business." 
                        -Christopher Johnson President, Media Workstations 

I know small business owners and entrepreneurs gain more and prosper by understanding, and using the age-old language of sales. For thousands of years, this language has been a successful  means of communication for trade in the exchange of goods and services. Concentrating on human connection, language as social, and intersectionality has piqued my interest in Linguistic Anthropology. I find the idea of linguistic relativity, also known as the Sapir-Whorf theory fascinating. It is a principle suggesting that, "the structure of a language influences its speakers worldview or cognition, and thus an individuals'  language determines or shapes their perception of the world." Language is not only social, but it is an interesting part of our humanity and directly connected to a commitment I refer to as the                "Sacred Art of Leaving Everyone Satisfied."

My experience in sales across different industries includes business to consumer, business to business, and major accounts in the public and private sectors. As a result of working with me, some of my clients were awarded multi-year contracts with California High-Speed Rail Authority, United States Coast Guard, Defense Media Activity Worldwide, and the Department of Commerce. In the private sector, other clients secured contracts with the Getty Museum, Salesforce, and Microsoft.  

“Will is truly a subject expert. Will can format and coach the needed tools and philosophies that will drive success.”  

— Keysha Dampeer Cargo Area Sales Manager, Southwest Airlines 

In 1993 as a young sales representative, I wanted to improve my group presentation skills; so, on a dare, I booked myself at a comedy club to perform stand-up. I was instantly drawn into the world of performing as a comedian for over twenty years. Being on stage in front of diverse crowds has developed my keen sense of timing and awareness of "the now" or the present moment. Daily meditation continues to support this journey of awareness. 

I specialize in coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs to leverage authentic and persuasive methods of communication to convey their value in the market placeStarting with the brand strategy session. We create and develop your brand narrative, which tells the true story of your business through out all your marketing. The focus is on human connection. At this place we increase your productivity. This is the moment when you and a potential client are speaking face to face or over the phone. Here is where the stakes cannot be higher for you to be most compelling and on brand. 


 “What sets him apart from other people was his ability to apply the sales techniques to my industry and teach me a way to communicate authentically with my customer.”  

 — Loren Chadima Owner, Intentional Acting 

            "The key to all persuasion is to induce the other person to persuade themselves"